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Construction quality is the foundation of what makes a Dufour a Dufour and we take great pride in the way our hulls and decks are built and strengthened. Strict attention to detail and sophisticated engineering is just one of the many things that make Dufour Yachts such solid performers. But the truth is, lots of the quality you get in a Dufour goes on underneath the floorboard... Read More »

( March 30, 2015 )

It’s obvious to see that you get a sexy, well-built hull, and a spacious and finely crafted interior, when you buy a Dufour, but it’s also important to note that we take just as much pride in how our boats look and perform below the waterline as they do above. And nothing makes a bigger impact on both speed and stability underway than the keel. But as you can see here, Dufo... Read More »

( March 17, 2015 )

Courageous and innovative, the Dufour Grand Large 410 is designed to simultaneously seduce the skipper and the crew. The helm area has been tuned to facilitate maneuvering for the captain, while the crew enjoys a spacious cockpit, wide side decks and an expanded swim platform. Dufour’s designers have clearly focused on optimizing each space according to its function, enhanci... Read More »

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