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( March 17, 2015 )

Courageous and innovative, the Dufour Grand Large 410 is designed to simultaneously seduce the skipper and the crew. The helm area has been tuned to facilitate maneuvering for the captain, while the crew enjoys a spacious cockpit, wide side decks and an expanded swim platform. Dufour’s designers have clearly focused on optimizing each space according to its function, enhanci... Read More »

Okay, so let’s keep on moving down the Dufour Yachts production line. We learned how the hulls are laid up in Part 1. And Part 2 describes how the decks are made. Now it’s time to talk about how an empty shell of a hull that first comes out of a mold becomes a Dufour Yacht. It all starts with solid fiberglass structural grid (above) that’s engineered to provide strengt... Read More »

Both hulls and decks are built of fiberglass in our state-of-the-art facility in La Rochelle, France, but they are actually built in very different ways. As we explained in Part 1, each hull is built of layers of hand laid fiberglass and resin in open molds. Decks, on the other hand, are “injection molded” in closed, 2-piece molds. This process allows the finished decks ... Read More »

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