Dufour 63 Exclusive

This magnificent 63-foot yacht offers all the comfort of luxury equipment, combined with innovative cutting-edge functionalities. Never before has cruising been so synonymous with pleasure and relaxation.
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Defever History

Arthur DeFever spent his early years designing commercial tuna clippers for the San Diego fleet. These vessels proved highly reliable and seaworthy. They stayed away from port for weeks at a time, traveling long distances to Central and South America before returning safely with their catch...
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How Dufour Yachts Are Built

Dufour Yachts has been based in La Rochelle, France since 1964. Our shipyard produces about 400 monohull cruising sailboats annually and today offers 12 different models from 24 to 63 feet that are distributed in more than 30 countries around the world. Dufour yachts are well recognized for exceptional sailing qualities, contemporary styling, abundant on board comfort amenities, and robust construction...
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BLUE WATER SAILING Boat Review: Dufour Grand Large 460

The French builder dials in the sweet spot with their new, three-cabin ultra-modern family cruiser, complete with built-in grill (published March 2017). Good ideas are catching. Once you’ve had one, it’s only natural to want to leverage it. That’s why French builder, Dufour, picked the most popular features from their recently-launched larger designs and included them in a 46-foot model that settles nicely into the sweet spot for a versatile family cruiser...
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